3D Cutting Solutions Profile

3D cutting Solutions is a company with a focus on manufacturing and supplying specialized cutting
services to the industry.

• Prototypes and Patterns
                - For the purpose of castings used in the Foundry Industry

• Moulds
                - Wood ,Wax, Polystyrene and High density foam etc. Also used for Vacuum Forming,
                  amongst other purposes.

• Solid Terrain Models (STM’s)
                - Model builders, Developers, Museums ,Golf course designers, mining designers, Architects etc.
                  These works of Art come in any scale and size. They provide a 3dimensional fast overview of
                  a topographical map and satellite imagery.

• CNC machining
                - We have a Large bed CNC Router that can handle larger 3D and Profile Cut projects. We regard
                  ourselves as Specialists in our field. As a result of this, our clients depend on us to deliver the
                  required product.

Some of our Clients:

•Dimension Data
•Digital Fabric
•Daneo Design Consulting
•Ingenious Solutions

We take pride in producing a level of excellence and innovation in our workmanship